SDL? It Should Say HATE On The Tin – 25th November 2011

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The press label the Scottish Defence League and it’s English kin, ‘a far-right group’.  When a group attacks a charitable insitution as it fundraises on a city centre street that is no longer far-right, it is purely a hate group.  On Saturday 19th November 2011 several members of the SDL attacked the collection stall of the Glasgow Palestinian Human Rights Campaign on Buchanan Street, in the middle of the city’s self proclaimed style mile.  An act that brings disgrace upon the city and shame upon the vile trolls who express violent contempt for humanitarian efforts.

The GPHRC is a cause that inspired me politically.  It finds higher education for poor Palestinians amongst a breath of grassroots humamitarian work.  Organised by a tireless Glaswegian couple I have known for over a decade, they have shown an exemplary level of political integrity and have the accounts to prove that all funds they raise go to help Palestinians living under illegal Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

For this they were physically attacked and their stall overturned by people who claim to promote Western values over Islamic terrorism.  This group regularly organises demonstrations in Scotland and, due to some spectacular defeats, have resorted to street level attacks on humanitarian activists, but still some people claim it is best to ignore them.  I have no doubt that direct action is the only way to deal with those who organise such actions.  From my cell I wish I could be more involved.

When extraordinary people have to face the idiocy of violence, because they collect money for a country, which is majority Muslim, (Leaving aside that many Christians, born in Palestine have not only organised armed resistance against Israel, founded political parties that refused to recognise Israel and laid down their lives wholesale in the cause of Palestinian independence.  Leaving that to one side), this is clearly the fruit of an insidious prejudice against Muslims and their allies being stoked by the same forces that caused a holocaust in Nazi Germany.  There may be men who claim to remember the war dead.  They are men who refuse to recognise that those who laid down their lives fighting fascism and those who are being killed simply occupying Afghanistan promoting a weak leader who needs replacement are martyrs for very different causes.

The GPHRC stall will carry on it’s good work, unmoved by the actions of a few idiots with no concept of humanitarianism.  The Israeli Defence Force with a stock pile of tear gas and a primed water cannon could not stop the organisation of that stall.  It is a product of the spirit of reistance and that comes from the heart.

The SDL, it seems, have no heart and no humanity.  It makes me wonder about their friends among the football casuals.  When you compare their actions to those of Cairo’s ultras.  There they have faced tear gas and live fire fighting for freedom from the US backed military regime.  They carry on struggling, refusing to take a patsy as a compromise.  Here a group of football fans is trying to undermine the fight for freedom.  These imbeciles need to learn some lessons before they fall into the abyss that is their own collective arsehole.

  1. Rainbow Castro says:

    Missing you Omar!

  2. Antifascist says:

    I couldn’t of said it any better myself. Around the world football firms are revealing their truly working class, socialist roots, yet here they remain tragically stuck in moronic nationalism.

    You express things very well brother.
    Solidarity and Strength.

  3. Great piece.
    Considering the EDL’s recent behaviour – threatening and attacking several Occupy camps and the bomb hoaxes, and the fact that they have become synonymous with general thuggery, one would wonder why they haven’t been banned, if one didn’t more greatly suspect that there were sinister goings-on in the higher reaches of government and didn’t know that they were being bankrolled by heads of large financial businesses in the City Of London. It only took a couple of burnt poppies to ban to “ever-so dangerous” MAC, so why are these filth still allowed out on our streets?!

  4. Of course I lump in the equally filthy SDL with them, sorry, no anti-Scottish intent! They’re all the same bunch of ignorant, violent scum anyway.

  5. Ailsa says:

    I only know you really through a friend of a friend but I just wanted to say now when your blogs pop up in my inbox I know its going to be a pleasure to look forward to. Thanks you for taking the time to express what you are feeling so carefully and articulately. Keep strong and feel free to mention things you would like sent in.

    All Our Love and Best wishes, keep strong


  6. […] part in the March 26th anti-cuts protest, has two new pieces on his blog, Banged Up For Protesting: one on the Scottish Defence League’s attacks on the Palestinian Human Rights Campaign, and one on police harrassment of Celtic fans (personally, I wouldn’t write an article on that […]

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